Debunking 7 solar myths: hassle-free!

Just like any other revolutions, solar energy has gone through plenty of objections that are though absurd, still hindering. As innovators, it is our job not to try and go toe to toe with those objections, but to silence them with wit and grace. So, here are the 7 biggest myths, debunked.

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1. Solar panels can't pay for themselves

To put this in perspective, a typical 4kWp rooftop PV system that costs around $2500 can generate 20kWh per day. Based on this, a system takes around 8 years to pay back for itself. The question then becomes will the system outlast its' payback period? With CME, we guarantee a 25-year life span.

2. Solar energy makes non'solar energy more expensive

You don't need much to figure this one out. In simple supply and demand terms, more solar energy means more electricity means more supply. More supply over demand means a lower price.

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3. Solar panels can't handle high temperature

Well, this can be true, only if by "high temperatures" you mean above 60°C, which is very unlikely. Otherwise, for each degree Celsius over 25°C, a system's efficiency only drops by 0.38%.

4. Solar panels don't work when it's cloudy

As long as there is sunlight, the solar panel still works correspondingly. In other words, the panels would work with a low efficiency on cloudy days. Say half the light, half the usual output

5. The only thing you gain from solar panels is electricity

Actually, with a large enough scale, you can probably make a living out of selling solar electricity. There're 2 ways you can gain from solar panels. Other than generating electricity for their own uses, people have been selling it to the government for 8.38 cents/kWh.

6. The PV systems can't be recycled.

This is rather obsolete than false because the thin-film panels were unrecyclable, but that's way back in 2010. Now that new PV tech allows 80-90% of a panel to be recycled. Only a small portion of hazardous semiconductor materials requires extra processing to be recycled.

7. A house with a PV system is harder to resell.

On the contrary, a PV system will increase the value of your house because it's long term value significantly outweighs the added fee. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, "homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more than those without".

Logging out

The main reason solar energy hasn't taken over from contemporary power sources is that it requires large space and it relies on sunlight. The most promising solution for these problems is a storage unit which allows us to make the most out of the energy generated in daytimes. We are 1 step away from exhaust-free energy. Join us on this!

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