CME Solar wins prestigious prize at Solar Future Awards 2021

CME Solar Investment JSC (CMES) was named the Solar Power Project Investor of the Year at Solar PV Vietnam 2021 Virtual and the Solar Future Awards Ceremony in Shanghai, China on November 9.

CMES has received two prestigious awards at Solar Future Awards 2021 in China

The Solar Power Project Investor of the Year is a critical category of the Solar Future Awards 2021, aiming to honour the best investor in rooftop solar projects for commercial as well as industrial purposes in Vietnam and vote for businesses with the most significant influence on promoting sustainable development.

Surpassing over 100 nominations from around Vietnam, CMES has successfully establishedits name in the category's top tier. The organisation is capable of satisfying all the high-standard requirements of the category for solar energy investors in terms of construction time, the number of projects installed annually, criteria on health, safety, and environment as per international standards, projects on environmental protection, positive contributions to the community, and more.

“We are extremely proud of the result and are delighted to have earned such a prestigious honour. We will continue to work towards our goal of delivering the best solar systems to our clients. We also expect to maintain our winning streak next year by continuing to be the leading renewable energy investor in Vietnam,” said Chung Dieu Tuan, CEO of CMES.

The Excellent Solar Investor - Solar Future Awards in 2021 for CME Solar Investments

The Solar Future Awards 2021 is designed to recognise businesses with significant contributions to Vietnam's solar energy industry growth. Accomplishments may include technological innovations or ground-breaking solutions with the most benefits to clients.

The award is organised by Leader Associates, a China-based global organisation that delivers premium solutions in the domains of professional event organising and tailored business services to its clients. It is committed to establishing relationships, transferring knowledge globally, and developing new business prospects for its clients in the renewable energy industry.

CMES, supported by Vietnam-Oman Investment Fund (VOI), is a leading commercial and industrial rooftop solar developer which offers end-to-end green and sustainable energy solutions across Vietnam.


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