Copper Mountain Energy (“CME”) is a company specializing in investing and developing renewable energy in Vietnam.

Founded in mid-2018, we aim to become a leading and prestigious company in renewable energy sector and contribute towards a low carbon economy.

CME is led by a seasoned management team with leading partners in the energy sector with many years of experience in deploying and operating


  • BCG-CME Long An 1

  • BCG-CME Gaia

  • AC Transit Fueling, California

  • Fresno Yosemite Airport, California

  • Page Field Airport, Florida

  • Intel Vietnam


CME is led by a seasoned management and execution team with total of 200 years of experience in the sector. The team has successfully developed and operated multiple renewable energy projects across Vietnam and US.

The Company works on making advances in policies and programs aimed at creating the most highly skilled and diverse teams that are best equipped to add value to the business and work in a highly demanding and constantly evolving environment.

CME has committed to sustainable development and offering career opportunities in some of the most dynamic emerging sectors in the country.

We have shown ourselves to be a company committed to the professional success and the development of our employees, continuously investing in the advancement of our professional talent.



you care about environment;
you would like to do green for your company/ factory; and
you have available unused roofs

Contact us, together we make the change!